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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some most frequently asked questions concerning the site operation. So before writing to us we would recommend you to look through the given pieces of advice and maybe you’ll find the answer to your question of concern. However if you don’t find the answer contact us as soon as possible:

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    1. Do you have to indicate your real name and surname during the registration process?

    2. What should I do if because of some unexpected circumstances it wasn’t able to complete my registration? Is there a possibility to continue my registration?

    3. Even though I enter the correct username and password I can’t connect to my profile. What should I do?

    4. How to add a photo to my profile?

    5. Why do I fail to upload a photo to my profile?

    6. Why was my profile photo removed?

    7. How can I start communicating with the compatible member I liked?

    8. How to update my profile information?

    9. What is couple compatibility?

    10. What does the compatibility percentage show?

    11. Does the compatibility system evaluates only similarities or also takes into account the attraction of opposites?

    12. I have received a message about the compatible match , but the last time he/she logged into his account was five months ago. Would there be any point in writing him/her?

    13. I was notified about a new compatible member on my list but when I log into my account I can’t see him/her on my list. Where is the problem?

    14. How to close the communication with the member I don’t like?

    15. How could I see all the members of

    16. Is it possible that one and the same person has two accounts with different names?

    17. I have sent questions to one compatible member using the ‘Communication guide’ but he is not answering for a week now ,even though I see that he logs into his account almost every day. Why is that?

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